Italian Guitarist/Composer GANESH DEL VESCOVO!

This month on CG+, we are glad to have Italian Guitarist/Composer Ganesh del Vescovo who has experimented on the guitar in many diverse styles and beyond traditional norms fusing the East and the West in it’s circular motion while creating a style of his own! A spiritual, one of the most humble and humane musician around the world, Ganesh del Vescovo shares his thoughts and experiences in our latest issue of CG+ (Vol.3 (10/15)

Ganesh del Vescovo (Sarod Guitar)

Let’s start digging into his music! It has ideas more valuable than crude oil and natural gases much farther away from the industrial consumerism of the era but the flow of shared ideas and delving into unexplored landscapes of musical creativity…

Click to Read or Download the PDF here

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